The artist with wild bottlenose dolphin in Gulf of Mexico

This website is dedicated to my love of dolphins and a deep desire to protect them.  It's not necessary to physically be with dolphins to experience their playful blessings.  That's why I've created this site.  So I can, through my art, bring the dolphins to you.  To view my paintings simply use the links at the top or bottom of the page.

Marina Kuran has been an artist most of her life.  She studied drawing formally, but is a self-taught painter.  Although she paints a variety of subjects, this website is dedicated to her love of dolphins.  Her passion was ignited in 1996 when she and her husband unexpectedly found themselves surrounded by about 60 wild spinner dolphins, who put on quite a jubilant show,  in Hawaiian waters.  Since that time she has been blessed by the company of wild spinner dolphins, wild bottlenose dolphins and wild orcas (yes - they're dolphins too!) on numerous occasions.  It is the intense joy brought by these magnificent creatures and a strong desire to protect them and our oceans that has served as inspiration for this website. 


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"You must nurture your felt love for nature. Never deny it. It is your connection with the unifying essence that organizes, preserves and regenerates life relationships at every level. Its loss in our thinking produces our destructiveness and imbalance." -Michael J. Cohen

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